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 Having a good thought and displaying it out through a play is excellency.”
Our ISA Activity students comprising of Grade VII to VIII put up a street play and engaged a rally – their significance to do the above were to highlight their objective of ‘Save the Tiger’ which also happens to be one of their ISA Activity.
They started off from school headed in the School Buses to Maltekdi ( Shivtekadi ) where they climbed to an elevated plain, with their resources all ready for the Street Play. With the help of their educational aids – charts, placards, slogans, banners and content taken after research, they very beautifully put across their message to the ‘early risers’ present there who had come their morning walk. Their main aim was to create awareness among people to the cause of saving the tigers, their fight against all odds and our never ending efforts to safeguard them, initiating their main cause – ‘Save a tiger, Save a life.’
From there the children moved to Grand Mehfil Stop (Dayasagar Hospital) from there they engaged in a Rally shouting slogans to save the tigers. They even distributed slogans to create an awareness to save the tiger.
They were accompanied by the Principal Mrs. Krishna Kathuria Ma’am, Mrs. Wanda McDonald Ma’am & some of our other teaching staff.

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