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Children’s Day At Ashadeep

Children’s Day At Ashadeep
Every child that is encountered is a shadow of the God above.
No differentiation can ever be made where children are concerned – they are just ‘replicas of innocent souls”
The children at Ashadeep though ‘differently abled’ had their other skills both mental and physical very adept.They were disciplined, self-efficient, jovial, well-mannered, full of gratitude.
They partook in the cake cutting, very effortlessly played musical chairs and in all humility accepted the token of love from the Edify Team.
This group was headed by: Subhan Sir, Diba Ma’am, Lata Ma’am, Anjali Ma’am,Shilpa Ma’am, Harpreet Ma’am, Pallavi Ma’am & Priyanka Sahu Ma’am
The children took back an important lesson,
“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from innocent child”

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