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Childrens Day at Blind School

Childrens Day at Blind School
The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart”
The children at “Dr. Narendra Bhiwapurkar Blind School Wadali road, Amravati” taught the kids of Edify School Amravati the language of kindness and the way to have vision with no eyes…. They explained all of us that experience without theory is Blind but Theory without Experience is more intellectual play. A warm Welcome by the students at blind school to all the staff and students of Edify school, followed by a beautiful prayer which was depicting the lesson of life.
Cake cutting and a small bag of love from Edify kids on the occasion of ” Children’s Day” with lots of enjoyment, games and Happiness through various games which were played together and each one shared a moment of happiness..
Team members: Niraj Sir, Shweta ma’am, Subhan Sir, Vijay Sir, Salim Sir, Vaishali ma’am, Mamta ma’am, Reena ma’am, Sarika ma’am, Anjana ma’am, Sachin and each one from Edify team who supported us…

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