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Children’s day Celebrations

Childrens day Celebrations 14th Nov
“Love is that feeling when the happiness of another person matters most,
Love us when we share what we have with someone who is less fortunate”
Today’s day spent at ‘Sadashaanti Baalgrih, Chilam Chawni’ was contententment at its best.
The kids were overwhelmed and happy to celebrate Children’s Day with our students and teacher’s.
They cut the cake, sang songs and took part in activities we initiated them to do.
Priya Ma’am showed them landscape painting,in which she showed them how to paint.
The gifts were gifted to them which brought smiles on their faces.
The teachers in-charge:Sangeeta Ma’am, Wanda Ma’am, Priya Ma’am, Srirang Sir & Akshay Sir of Group 4 were really happy to see this joint happiness.
We returned taking with us warm memories spent there

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