Edify School Amravati

Children’s Fellowship in India

Children’s Fellowship in India
Children’s Fellowship in India, an orphanage where students belonged to big family, a family bonded not by blood by tied by bonds of love.
“The sole meaning of true life is to stop and think about sharing with others and increase their happiness”
The children here make their pain their strength, their struggles their hope to achieve the things they want through hard work and a lot of efforts.
They were so happy to see that even they were important and that children from Edify came to spend their time with them.
They had immense happiness when cutting the cake,their eyes spoke volumes of joy when they were handed over little bags of love by our Edify students.They played together and shared moments of happiness together.
Our Team headed by: Bharat Sir, Sandeep Sir, Prashant Sir, Ayesha Ma’am, Preeti Ma’am, Sonam Ma’am, Rakhee Ma’am, Kashmiri Ma’am and Rajkumar Sir…motivated and supported their team at every step.

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